Tip to Better Control Weeds

No one wants to see weeds growing in their lawn. They’re unsightly and affect the health of the grass, flowers, and other greenery goring in the lawn. But, it’s not always easy to keep weeds out of the lawn no matter how much digging and pulling you seem to do. To make weed control arlington wa a little bit easier, use these professional tips to keep them off your property and out of your hair.

Maintain Healthy Soil

Fertile, aerated, well-drained soil helps your plants and flowers thrive and keeps the weeds away. Talk to a landscaping professional to learn more about the best soil types to use on your lawn for the best results.

Till the Garden

Turning over the soil and loosening it, better known as tilling the garden, will better control weeds that are growing rampantly. Be sure to till the soil carefully or you may only transfer the weed seeds from one area to another.

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Mulch Your Garden Beds

Mulch is one of the best weapons against weed growth. Darker, bark type mulches work best to block out light and keep the weeds away.  Mulching the garden beds also keeps some of those annoying pests out of your hair and creates a more attractive aesthetic at the house.

Use Herbicides

Herbicides are cleaner than pesticides because they’re not made with chemicals. There are several herbicides that can keep the weeds out of your lawn and your garden. Many gardeners swear by concentrated vinegar, but there are several other plant-oil blends and products to use.

Call a Landscaper

Hire a landscaper to maintain the integrity of your lawn and its beautiful appearance. They’ll keep weeds out of your lawn and better maintain the health of the property for a small cost that’s well worth the expenditure.